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Photography and Metaphysics Volume 1:
Edward Weston and the Essence of Things

True photographs are illustrations of motives that speak to us in a different way than via their pure aesthetics and in a nagging way want to reveal us some greater depths about the things. But their content and their significance are difficult to grasp. So difficult that they can plunge us in doubt about our work and by those means about ourselves. Photography and Metaphysics is the attempt to rationalize such images, gain insight into their being and fertilize photography by looking at actually unrelated topics. - A kind of self verification, so to speak.
This first volume does the job by relating Edward Weston‘s idea of the comprehensive wholeness of life as the essence of being with the point of view of the eastern philosophies and then uses the quantum physics to prove that modern science has actually found such an elementary communion of all things.

title image Photography and Metaphysics Vol. 1 Edward Weston and the Essence of Things

Joerg Sczepek
Photography and Metaphysics
Edward Weston and the Essence of Things
6,69 x 6,69 Inches
60 Pages
1 B/W Image, 11 Color Images
Dollar 6,96

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